23/C, (3rd floor), Zigatola, Dhaka-1209

Fortune Healthcare, Dhaka is a multidisciplinary super specialty tertiary care healthcare. This healthcare has the latest in diagnostic equipment and technology, staffed with a team of world–class doctors, trained nurses and technicians in most disciplines of medical science.

It is known that “prevention is better than cure”. Fortune Healthcare Dhaka recognizes the importance of preventive healthcare and has created a separate clinic to help you with these needs.

We realize the importance of family history of disease in an individual’s life. A family medical history help in identifying a person with a risk of having common diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, certain cancers, diabetes, thyroid disorders etc. Together, these factors can give clues to medical conditions that may run in a family. Thus, we have designed a Ready Reckoner for an individual to participate in the process of selection of his/her own health screening package based on that individual’s family medical history.

The General Health Checks are designed for those who do not have any specific mentionable family history of disease. It should be combined with Supplementary Health Checks for those having specific family history or personal medical history e.g. if an individual has family history of heart disease then he should avail Health Check General and Supplementary Heart Check together.

Each package offers a carefully selected panel of tests chosen to screen for the presence of disease or to help In identifying the cause of ongoing minor ailments. You can avail these packages by your own conscious effort or as and when recommended by a physician.

This Healthcare houses all relevant equipment’s and logistics under one roof in one location; so those who are having health screening packages have the convenience of availing these without the hassle of moving here and there. This Healthcare is a wi-fi zone which further enhances the friendly and conducive ambience of the place, designed to make the over-all health check-up experience pleasant and memorable


• The healthcare is open everyday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Reporting to the  Fortune Healthcare front desk for availing Medical Checkup packages.

• Reports will be delivered on the same day after 5:00 pm (only if the MHC process starts by 10:00 am)
• In case of Pap Smear (female), CA-19.9-Serum, CEA, AFP-Serum, TSH, FT3 and FT4; reports will be delivered on the following day.


• Please fast for 9-12 hours prior to your appointment and do not take any alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco or any other liquid (except plain water) during this time
• Please inform the Fortune Healthcare front desk if you have any history of Diabetes, Heart Diseases, High Blood Pressure, Thyroid Disease, etc.
• You are requested to take your regular medication the night before the Checkup. If you are on any medications, kindly bring it along with you
• Please bring all your medical prescriptions and previous medical records with you
• Please wear two pieces of loose, comfortable clothing and sports shoes/sandals if possible, as you need to change clothes for X-Ray, Ultrasonography, ECG, Echo, TMT, BMD and Mammography

Special Instructions for Women:
Pregnant women or those expecting to conceive are advised to inform officers at the Fortune Healthcare front desk to not undergo any X-Ray test

Special Instructions for TMT (Treadmill Test):
If you need to eat before TMT (Treadmill Test), then eat a light snack only. If you are suffering from any chest pain or breathing difficulty, please notify the Technician or physician in advance.

Special Instructions for Abdominal Ultrasonography:
Drink plenty of water before Ultrasonography. The test requires a full bladder for best results. Do not void urine prior to Ultrasonography.

Fortune Healthcare Ltd

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Address: 23/C, Zigatola 3rd floor Dhaka, 1209, Bangladesh
Opening Hours: Everyday: 8 A.M. – 11 P.M.