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Immunology is the branch of medicine concerned with the body’s defense system known as the immune system. Immunologists study how the immune system functions and they treat patients with immune system disorders.

In Bangladesh, Fortune Health Care Limited provides the best and most cost-effective dental treatments. Chat support is available, as well as experts with more than five years of experience.

We offer a variety of IMMUNOLOGY  services, including:

  • Anti Dengue
  • Anti Dengue IgG
  • Anti Dengue IgM
  • Anti H pylory IGg
  • Anti TB IgG
  • Anti TB IgM
  • Anti-CCP Antibody
  • Anti-TB IgA
  • Antibody HSV IgG
  • Antibody HSV IgM
  • Beta hCG
  • C3
  • CA-125
  • CFT for Filaria
  • CFT for Kala-Azar
  • Dengue NS 1
  • Dengue Ns1 IgG
  • Dengue Ns1 IgM
  • ICT For Filaria
  • ICT for Malaria
  • MT (Mantoux Test)
  • PSA
  • PSA (ICT
  • Rubela for IgM
  • IgE
  • TB for ICT

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