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Glaucoma Assessment & Visual Field Analysis

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye disease that can damage the optic nerve. Those with a family history of the disease and are over 50 years have a higher risk of developing Glaucoma.

Glaucoma can not be self-diagnosed. We can test for Glaucoma at My Eye Care Centre. During the exam, the optometrist will check the following:

  • Measure your eye pressure, also known as intraocular pressure (IOP).
  • Inspect your eye’s drainage angle.
  • Examine your optic nerve for damage.
  • Test your central and peripheral (side) vision.
  • Take a picture or computer measurement of your optic nerve.
  • Measure the thickness of your cornea
  • What is a visual field analysis?

“A visual field test maps out what your world looks like to you. It measures the area of vision, or how wide of an area your eye can see”. In glaucoma, your visual field becomes constricted, similar to tunnel vision.

Glaucoma exams are a collection of exams that assist diagnose glaucoma, a ailment of the attention that may motive imaginative and prescient loss and blindness. Glaucoma takes place whilst fluid builds up withinside the the front a part of the attention. The greater fluid reasons an growth in eye strain. Increased eye strain can harm the optic nerve. The optic nerve consists of statistics from the attention to the brain. When the optic nerve is damaged, it may cause severe imaginative and prescient problems.

There are numerous kinds of glaucoma. The principal kinds are:

Open-perspective glaucoma, additionally known as number one open-perspective glaucoma. This is the maximum not unusualplace sort of glaucoma. It occurs while the fluid in the attention would not drain well from the attention’s drainage canals. The fluid receives sponsored up withinside the canals like a clogged sink drain that receives sponsored up with water. This reasons an growth in eye pressure. Open-perspective glaucoma develops slowly, over a duration of months or years. Most human beings have no signs and symptoms or imaginative and prescient modifications at first. Open-perspective glaucoma generally impacts each eyes on the identical time.
Closed-perspective glaucoma, additionally known as perspective-closure or narrow-perspective glaucoma. This sort of glaucoma is not not unusualplace withinside the United States. It generally impacts one eye at a time. In this sort of glaucoma, drainage canals withinside the eyes get protected up, as though a stopper changed into positioned over a drain. Closed-perspective glaucoma may be both acute or chronic.
Acute closed-perspective glaucoma reasons a speedy growth in eye pressure. It is a scientific emergency. People with acute closed-perspective glaucoma can lose imaginative and prescient in a rely of hours if the situation isn’t always handled promptly.
Chronic closed-perspective glaucoma develops slowly. In many cases, there aren’t anyt any signs and symptoms till harm is severe.

Glaucoma checks are used to diagnose glaucoma. If glaucoma is identified early, you’ll be capable of take steps to save you imaginative and prescient loss.

Why do yoy want glaucoma testing?
If you’ve got got open-attitude glaucoma, you can now no longer have any signs and symptoms till the disorder turns into excessive. So it is crucial to be examined when you have sure hazard factors. You can be at better hazard for glaucoma when you have a own circle of relatives records of glaucoma or in case you are:

Aged 60 or older. Glaucoma is a whole lot greater not unusualplace in older people.
Hispanic and elderly 60 or older. Hispanics on this age organization have a better hazard of glaucoma in comparison with older adults with European ancestry.
African American. Glaucoma is the main purpose of blindness in African Americans.
Asian. People of Asian descent are at better hazard for buying closed-attitude glaucoma.
Closed-attitude glaucoma can purpose unexpected and excessive signs and symptoms. If now no longer dealt with promptly, it may purpose blindness. Symptoms include:

Sudden blurring of vision
Severe eye pain
Red eyes
Colored halos round lights
Nausea and vomiting
If you’ve got got any of those signs and symptoms, are seeking for scientific assist proper away.

visual field testing

A sight view check measures how a long way the attention sees in any route with out shifting and the way touchy the imaginative and prescient is in specific components of the sight view. This facilitates docs to discover sure styles of accidents and disease, like glaucoma.

We usually see a extensive place of the distance in the front of us. Without shifting our eyes, we see now no longer simplest what’s instantly ahead, however a number of what’s above, below, and rancid to both side. Most human beings are acquainted with this as “peripheral imaginative and prescient.” The whole place that we see is referred to as the visual view.

Vision is generally exceptional proper withinside the center of the visual view. That is why we flip our eyes closer to items that we need to peer better. The farther farfar from the middle of our imaginative and prescient an item is, the much less without a doubt we are able to see it. When an item movements some distance sufficient to the side, it disappears from our imaginative and prescient completely.

A visual view check measures things:

How some distance up, down, left and proper the attention sees with out shifting.
How touchy the imaginative and prescient is in distinct elements of the visual view.

Why do humans want a field of regard take a look at?
The field of regard take a look at can assist the health practitioner locate early symptoms and symptoms of sicknesses like glaucoma that harm imaginative and prescient gradually. Some humans with glaucoma do now no longer be aware any issues with their imaginative and prescient, however the field of regard take a look at indicates that peripheral imaginative and prescient is being lost.

A field of regard take a look at also can assist the health practitioner discover extra approximately the a part of the anxious machine that permits us to see. The visible a part of the anxious machine consists of the retina (the “film” withinside the camera-like eye), the optic nerve (the “wire” that incorporates snap shots from the retina to the mind), and the mind itself. Problems with any a part of this machine can extrade the field of regard. There are famous styles withinside the take a look at effects that assist docs apprehend positive sorts of harm or disease. By repeating extra field of regard checks at normal intervals, docs also can inform whether or not the affected person is getting higher or worse.


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