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Dry Eye Work-up & Treatment Plans

Dry eye is a chronic condition affecting many Bangladeshi adults and half of those aged over 50~. Common symptoms for dry eye can include:
• Redness
• Itchiness
• Stinging or burning
feeling in the eye
• Ongoing eye watering

A consultation with your optometrist will help with the diagnosis of dry eye. From there the optometrist will work with you on a treatment plan as to how best manage dry eye. This will most likely be in conjunction with your GP

At Fortune Eye Care  we have state of the art technology Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment to help with dry eye. It is a non-invasive treatment that unblocks Meibomian Glands that produce oils that keep your eyes lubricated

In some people, the Meibomian glands become blocked causing the oil to become thick and stagnant rather than a normal fluid consistency

This leads to an unstable tear film causing dry eye and intermittent blurring of the vision.

IPL stimulates the Meibomian glands to improve their function and amount of oil secretion. The treatment involves three sessions (day 0, 15 and 45).

Tests and strategies that can be used to decide the motive of your dry eyes include:

A complete eye examination. An eye examination that consists of a whole records of your ordinary fitness and your eye fitness can assist your eye care expert diagnose the motive of your dry eyes.
A take a look at to degree the quantity of your tears. Your eye care expert can also additionally degree your tear manufacturing the use of the Schirmer tear take a look at. In this take a look at, blotting strips of paper are located below your decrease eyelids. After 5 mins your eye care expert measures the quantity of strip soaked through your tears.

Another alternative for measuring tear quantity is the phenol crimson thread take a look at. In this take a look at, a thread full of pH-touchy dye (tears extrade the dye color) is located over the decrease eyelid, wetted with tears for 15 seconds after which measured for tear quantity.

A take a look at to decide the first-rate of your tears. Other checks use unique dyes in eye drops to decide the floor circumstance of your eyes. Your eye care expert appears for staining styles at the corneas and measures how lengthy it takes earlier than your tears evaporate.
A tear osmolarity take a look at. This sort of take a look at measures the composition of debris and water for your tears. With dry eye disease, there can be much less water for your eyes.
Tear samples to search for markers of dry eye disease, along with improved matrix metalloproteinase-nine or reduced lactoferrin.

Punctal plugs
Punctal plugsOpen pop-up conversation box
For maximum human beings with occasional or slight dry eye signs and symptoms, it is sufficient to often use nonprescription eye drops, additionally known as synthetic tears. If your signs and symptoms are continual and extra serious, you’ve got got different options. What you do relies upon on what is inflicting your dry eyes.

Some remedies awareness on reversing or coping with a circumstance or thing this is inflicting your dry eyes. Other remedies can enhance your tear pleasant or forestall your tears from quick draining farfar from your eyes.

Treating the underlying purpose of dry eyes
In a few cases, treating an underlying fitness problem can assist remedy the symptoms and symptoms and signs of dry eyes. For instance, if a remedy is inflicting your dry eyes, your eye care professional might also additionally suggest a one of a kind medicinal drug that does not purpose that facet effect.

If you’ve got got an eyelid condition, which includes your lids grew to become outwards (ectropion), your eye care professional might also additionally refer you to a watch doctor who focuses on plastic surgical treatment of the eyelids (oculoplastic doctor).

Prescription drug treatments used to deal with dry eyes consist of:

Medicines to lessen eyelid inflammation. Inflammation alongside the brink of your eyelids can maintain oil glands from secreting oil into your tears. Your eye care expert can also additionally endorse antibiotics to lessen inflammation. Antibiotics for dry eyes are normally taken through mouth, aleven though a few are used as eye drops or ointments.
Eye drops to manipulate cornea inflammation. Inflammation at the floor of your eyes (cornea) can be managed with prescription eye drops that include the immune-suppressing medication cyclosporine (Restasis) or corticosteroids. Corticosteroids aren’t best for long-time period use because of feasible aspect results.
Eye inserts that paintings like synthetic tears. If you’ve got got slight to extreme dry eye signs and symptoms and synthetic tears do not assist, every other choice can be a tiny eye insert that looks as if a clean grain of rice. Once a day, you area the hydroxypropyl cellulose (Lacrisert) insert among your decrease eyelid and your eyeball. The insert dissolves slowly, freeing a substance it is utilized in eye drops to lubricate your eye.
Tear-stimulating drug treatments. Medicines referred to as cholinergics (pilocarpine, cevimeline) assist growth tear production. These drug treatments are to be had as pills, gels or eye drops. Possible aspect results consist of sweating.
Eye drops crafted from your very own blood. These are referred to as autologous blood serum drops. They can be an choice when you have extreme dry eye signs and symptoms that do not reply to every other treatment. To make those eye drops, a pattern of your blood is processed to dispose of the pink blood cells after which blended with a salt solution.
A nasal spray to growth tear production. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) these days permitted varenicline (Tyrvaya) to deal with dry eyes. This medication is brought through a nasal spray. Varenicline is to be sprayed as soon as into every nostril, two times a day.

Other processes
Other processes that can be used to deal with dry eyes include:

Closing your tear ducts to lessen tear loss. Your eye care expert can also additionally advocate this remedy to hold your tears from leaving your eye too quickly. This may be achieved with the aid of using partly or absolutely ultimate your tear ducts, which typically serve to empty tears away.

Tear ducts may be plugged with tiny silicone plugs (punctal plugs). These are removable. Or tear ducts may be plugged with a manner that makes use of heat. This is a greater everlasting answer referred to as thermal cautery.

Using unique touch lenses. Ask your eye care expert approximately more moderen touch lenses designed to assist human beings with dry eyes.

Some human beings with intense dry eyes can also additionally choose unique touch lenses that shield the floor of the eyes and entice moisture. These are referred to as scleral lenses or bandage lenses.

Unblocking oil glands. Warm compresses or eye mask used day by day can assist solve blocked oil glands. A thermal pulsation tool is some other manner to unclog the oil glands, however it’s miles doubtful whether or not this technique presents any gain over heat compresses.
Using mild remedy and eyelid rub down. A approach referred to as intense-pulsed mild remedy accompanied with the aid of using rub down of the eyelids can also additionally assist human beings with intense dry eyes.

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With the rapid growth of eye care sector in Bangladesh, a specialized hospital for the treatment of all eye related diseases was much needed. Thus Fortune Eye Hospital was founded on 18th September 2020 with the aim of providing world-class eye care service to the community at an affordable cost. Since then, we have been able to keep pace with the standards set by the international ophthalmology community in relation to outstanding patient care as well as the latest in medical advancements.

With the promise and commitment in eye care, Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd. is now serving from Dhanmondi.

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