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Contact Lens Fittings & Assessment

If you have thought about making the shift to contact lenses we can help with fittings and assessment. Let us help guide you with tips and tricks for making this lifestyle change.

Did you ever surprise what your eye health practitioner assessments while appearing a touch lens fitting? How does this assessment of your eyes vary from a recurring complete eye exam?

To explain, we’ll stroll you via the fundamentals of a normal touch lens fitting, step with the aid of using step.

Step 1: A Complete Eye Exam
To begin, your eye physician will carry out an exam that is basically similar to a ordinary eye fitness exam. This is carried out for you to ensure you don’t have any pre-present fitness situations which can intrude with snug and healthful touch lens wear. Your optometrist will administer a slit lamp exam to investigate the internal tissues of your eyes carefully.

Also, you want a cutting-edge imaginative and prescient prescription for touch lenses, so imaginative and prescient trying out is a crucial a part of this exam. Once your imaginative and prescient circumstance and ocular fitness are decided appropriate for touch lenses (nowadays, there’s a touch lens for nearly everyone!), the subsequent step is a particular touch lens fitting.

Step 2: Contact Lens Consultation
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Now that there are such a lot of varieties of touch lenses at the market, your eye health practitioner wishes to realize approximately your life-style and sports if you want to decide which lenses are maximum appropriate.

Questions to consider:

Do you need day by day disposables (dailies), or contacts that may be worn for greater prolonged periods?
Do you need to alternate your eye color?
Do you choose smooth or inflexible fueloline permeable lenses? Ask your optometrist to provide an explanation for the professionals and cons of every type.
If you’ve got got presbyopia – are you interested by multifocal contacts, or could you as an alternative put on studying glasses over single-imaginative and prescient touch lenses? Monovision is every other method to deal with presbyopia; ask your eye health practitioner the way it works.
Do you intend to put on your lenses day by day, or best for unique events and sports?
The variety of touch lens alternatives is great and the greater statistics you share, the less difficult it’ll be in your eye health practitioner to endorse the fine touch lens to fulfill your requirements.

Step 3: Contact Lens Fitting
Depending upon your eyes, various technology may be used at some point of your fitting. An incorrect contact lens healthful can purpose pain or damage your eye, it is why it’s so vital to have a completely unique and thorough fitting.

A extensive style of measurements are incredible for identifying your contact lens prescription, including:

Corneal Curvature
Generally, your eye physician will use a keratometer to degree the curve of your cornea, that’s the the front floor of the eyes – in which contacts rest. These numbers assist to decide the lens diameter and base curve that seem in your touch lenses prescription.

Corneal topography is a complicated generation that maps the form of your cornea. This take a look at is extraordinarily useful for making sure a particular size of your corneal curvature, specifically if you have an abnormal form. There are severa uniqueness touch lenses that may be suit on an abnormal cornea. For example, human beings with astigmatism may also do fine with specialised toric lenses or when you have keratoconus, your eye physician may also prescribe scleral lenses.

Pupil and Iris Size
Either a slit lamp or a handheld ruler may be used to take those measurements. The length of your iris and scholar play a function in identifying the great touch lens layout for you. This facts is specially essential in case you are interested by difficult fueloline permeable touch lenses (GP).

Assessing Tear Film
Contact lenses are greater snug to put on if you have sufficient lubricating tears to hold each your cornea and your lenses moist. Your eye health practitioner might also additionally examine your tear movie through putting a skinny strip of clear out out paper beneathneath your decrease lid. Another process that can be executed includes putting liquid dye for your eye and assessing your tear movie with the useful resource of a slit lamp. If you’ve got got dry eyes, you’ll require precise sorts and substances of touch lenses.

Step 4: Time to Try a Pair of Contact Lenses
After your touch lens fitting, the exceptional manner to evaluate a really perfect suit is with a couple of trial lenses. Once those contacts are in your eyes, your optometrist will test with a slit lamp to peer that your lenses pass well while you blink and appearance in all directions. At this point, affected person remarks may be very important; inform your medical doctor if the lenses are snug or in the event that they hurt.

Once a tribulation pair is observed to be suitable, you’ll be issued a touch lens prescription. Your eye care issuer can even educate you on right insertion, cleansing, carrying time table and fundamental care of your contacts.

Step 5: Your Contact Lens Prescription
A whole prescription for touch lenses usually consists of the subsequent records:

OD and OS: These letters seek advice from your proper eye (OD) and left eye (OS), primarily based totally at the Latin terms.

PWR: Refers to refractive energy, that’s the fee of correction which you want so as to have 20/20 vision. The quantity is measured in diopters; if it has a minus signal earlier than it, it approach you’re nearsighted, and if it has a plus signal earlier than it, it approach you’re farsighted. It is ordinary to have a one-of-a-kind energy for every eye.

BC: This is the Base Curve (measured in millimeters), which describes the lower back curvature of the touch lens. The quantity fits your corneal curvature. Some manufacturers of touch lenses best are available in one base curve.

DIA: The Diameter of your touch lens is the space throughout the lens surface, additionally measured in millimeters. Usually, the quantity is among thirteen and 15. This fee determines how the touch lens sits for your eye, and whilst it isn’t suitable for you – the touch lens can be uncomfortable.

If you require toric lenses for astigmatism, the subsequent records is likewise included:

CYL: Cylinder fee, usually among -four and +four, it’s far the energy required to repair your astigmatism

Axis: Written in degrees, the axis describes the orientation of the cylinder fee at the lens

If you want bifocal or multifocal lenses, your touch lens prescription can even state:

ADD: The Add Power, which refers back to the energy of magnification which you want in components of the lens to assist see up-close

Your prescription may also encompass a selected emblem of touch lens, in case your eye physician recommends a sure kind on your eyes. If you preference beauty coloured lenses, the ones info can also be written. Sometimes, the prescription will element how frequently you want to discard and update the lenses.

Step 6: Follow-up Visits
To make certain that your touch lenses keep to suit well and offer you with sharp vision, you may want to go back for follow-up visits. Your eye health practitioner can even take a look at the fitness of your eyes to affirm that your eyes can tolerate contacts and not using a problems. Sometimes, a alternate withinside the cloth of your contacts, logo or carrying time table is necessary.


With the rapid growth of eye care sector in Bangladesh, a specialized hospital for the treatment of all eye related diseases was much needed. Thus Fortune Eye Hospital was founded on 18th September 2020 with the aim of providing world-class eye care service to the community at an affordable cost. Since then, we have been able to keep pace with the standards set by the international ophthalmology community in relation to outstanding patient care as well as the latest in medical advancements.

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